Question: In general, what is the order of importance, urgency or priority today of mankind's problems — economic, social, political and religious — and why?1

Sri Chinmoy: According to me, the order is religious, political, social and economic. Why? If people are religious, they will try to lead a better and purer life, which is what the world needs most. Next is political. Politics governs the mind, the vital and the body of mankind. As religion mainly deals with the heart and inner feelings, politics deals mostly with the organising mind, the energising vital and the alert body. Then comes the social. After religion has touched the heart and politics has touched the mind, vital and body, then there should be amity and friendship in the society. At this time the individual is becoming collective. After an individual establishes his oneness with others, he feels their needs as his own. At that time, economic problems will be solved easily.

So first we have to think of God and acquire some light that we can offer to our nation. Then we have to become closely connected with others. When we feel our oneness with others, economic problems will be solved to a great extent. For then your need I will feel as my need, and vice versa. At that time, I shall be more than ready to help you and you will be more than happy to help me. So first religion, then politics, then social problems and then economics!

  1. MUN 19-22. These four questions from delegates and staff members were answered on 20 May 1977.