Dr Robert Muller: Do you think the United Nations exercises a real influence in the world? What in your view is its principal contribution? How does it appear to you in the great stream of history and human evolution?1

Sri Chinmoy: Not only do I think, but it is my absolute inner conviction, that the United Nations exercises a real influence in the world. What it brings to the world are the vision of peace, the mission of brotherhood and the promise of total perfection and total satisfaction in the oneness-world-family.

The principal contribution of the United Nations is the hope-sky that it offers to the world at large. This hope-sky is not a product of vital fantasies or weak mental vagaries. This hope-sky is the all-illumining revelation of the soul of the United Nations. The seeker-servers at the United Nations — no matter in which capacity they serve — and the supporter-lovers of the United Nations — no matter in which part of the world they live — are seeing a glimpse of this all-illumining revelation. And each glimpse embodies a growing and glowing fulness-satisfaction in their life of inner hunger and their life of outer feast.

In the stream of history and human evolution, the United Nations is to be not only the great and ultimate pathfinder of the ultimate Truth but also the good and supreme bliss-distributor of humanity's Divinity.

  1. MUN 2-12. These eleven questions were submitted to Sri Chinmoy in 1977 by Dr Robert Muller, Director and Deputy to the Under-Secretary-General for Inter-Agency Affairs and Coordination at United Nations Headquarters in New York. He was later appointed United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and is now Chancellor of the University for Peace.