Question: Nuclear arms and nuclear energy are very dangerous tools. What is your attitude towards them?

Sri Chinmoy: Nuclear arms and nuclear energy are very dangerous tools. Right now they are being used for destructive purposes, especially nuclear arms. But who is their creator? A human being is the creator of nuclear arms and nuclear energy. Again, we have to know that the human creator is also a creation of a Supreme Creator. In a fraction of a second the Supreme Creator can change the destructive mind of an individual human being into a loving and universal mind.

It is the operation of the mind that either maintains mankind or destroys mankind. If the Supreme Being wants to operate in humanity's mind, then the dangerous creations of mankind need not and cannot remain dangerous. For there is something which is infinitely more powerful than these dangerous tools, and this supremely powerful thing is God's Compassion for His children. When God uses His supreme weapon, Compassion, no human creation — no matter how dangerous — can stand up to it.

God's Compassion and God the Compassion are always for mankind. First God sends His representative, which is Compassion. Then, if He sees that His representative is not strong enough to solve the problem, at that time He Himself comes as God the Compassion. But in most cases, God's Compassion-Power is more than enough to save the world from imminent crises.