Question: So outer silence or dynamic silence is really divine action — doing the Will of God by serving man?

Sri Chinmoy: Right! The role of dynamic silence is to fulfil the Will of God in humanity. But what God's Will is, we learn only from inner silence, static silence. Once we know the Will of God, then it is our divine duty to fulfil His Will and dedicate ourselves to the service of mankind.

Some people want only to meditate. They do not want to give anything to the world. They are afraid that the moment they try to give their inner wealth to the ignorant world, the world will misunderstand them or misuse them. So they act like misers. This is selfishness. Again, there are many on earth who do not meditate but who want to give. This is foolishness. If they do not meditate and acquire some inner capacity, then what do they have to give? We have to play our part. First we have to achieve, then we have to offer. In this way we can please God and fulfil mankind.