Question: Because there are many schools of meditation, it becomes hard for a person to select one. How can we find the best one for us?89

Sri Chinmoy: It is very easy because it is all a matter of inner feeling. Here in this conference room there are quite a few people. They are all God’s children; they are all God-lovers and Truth-seekers. But all of them will not give you the same feeling. Only one or two individuals may give you a special feeling when you look at them. This kind of feeling we call the soul’s affinity. From one person, for example, you may get a certain kind of confidence that this person will be able to help you. Again, when you look at other individuals, you may not feel anything or be inspired at all. There are many teachers and many paths. What you have to do is observe each one of them. Some paths will give you immediate joy — a kind of inner ecstasy — while others may not give you any feeling whatsoever. The path or the teacher that gives you immediate joy or an immediate sense of satisfaction is undoubtedly the right one for you.

MUN 228-230. 5 August 1982.