Question: Can meditation help cure physical ailments such as high blood pressure?1

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation means our conscious awareness of our Source. Our Source is God, our Source is Truth, our Source is Light, our Source is Perfection. Our Source has no imperfection, no ailment. Where is this Source? This Source is deep within us.

In meditation we make our mind calm and quiet. In the outer life it is almost impossible for most human beings to have peace of mind. He who does not have peace of mind is a veritable beggar; he finds no satisfaction in anything. Again, if we get peace of mind even for a fleeting second, we feel we have accomplished something significant in our lives. When the mind is tranquil, there is a constant flow of harmony. This harmony first enters into the vital and, from the vital, it enters into the physical. When there is harmony in the system, there can be no ailment. It is only in the world of anxiety, worry, tension and confusion that ailments can be found. When there is real harmony, the sufferings of human life come to an end.

High blood pressure, heart failure and all the diseases that we notice in God's creation are attacks from undivine forces. These undivine forces can be overcome only when we surrender to a positive force. When we meditate, we try to become a perfect channel for the positive forces. The positive forces are light, love, delight. At each moment in our life, the positive forces want to take us consciously to the Source, where there is only perfection.

If our mind is calm and quiet, if our vital is dynamic, if our body is conscious of what it is doing, then we are inside the palace of satisfaction, where there can be no disease, no suffering, no imperfection, no obstruction to our abiding peace, abiding light and abiding satisfaction. Meditation is a means; it is a way, a path. If we walk along this path, then we reach our destination, which is all-perfection.

  1. MUN 231. 29 October 1975.