Question: I would very much like to learn what the spiritual heart is like.1

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, let us know the difference between the ordinary human heart and the spiritual heart. The human heart is a small muscle in the chest, which the doctors can show us. The spiritual heart is something that a seeker sees, feels and grows into. The spiritual heart is vaster than the vastest. Right now Infinity is an imaginary concept for us. But when we discover our spiritual heart, Infinity is no longer imagination; it is reality.

On the one hand, the spiritual heart houses Immortality, Eternity, Infinity, the Universal Consciousness and so on; on the other hand, it transcends everything. Also, although the spiritual heart is infinite, eternal and immortal, although it pervades the entire universe, it can easily reside inside the finite human heart.

At one moment the Infinite will separate itself from the finite; the next moment it will welcome the finite into itself and become totally one with the finite. In the spiritual life, not only can the drop of water enter the ocean but the ocean also has the capacity to enter into the tiny drop. God is omnipotent, not because He is larger than the largest, but because this moment He can be the tiniest, most insignificant ant and the next moment He can be infinitely vaster than the ocean. Him we call God precisely because He can be whatever He wants to be: vaster than the vastest or tinier than the tiniest.

When speaking of God, we also use the term 'Transcendental Consciousness'. This consciousness is not static; it is constantly transcending itself. God is infinite, eternal and immortal, but He is also ever-progressing. God Himself is in the process of evolution. He is making constant progress in and through everyone on earth in order to establish perfect Perfection here.

  1. MUN 234. September 1973.