Question: How can I have deeper meditations?1

Sri Chinmoy: You can have deeper meditations through constant remembrance of your goal. Always think of your goal as something high, higher, highest. If your goal is not the highest, if your goal is not boundless peace, boundless light, boundless bliss, if you want to be satisfied with only an iota of these things, then your meditation cannot be very deep. Only when you pitch your aim to the highest will you be able to go up to the highest. Your inner yearning for the highest will act like a springboard. If you press hard on the springboard, then you jump higher. So when you meditate, always try to bring into your being boundless peace, light and bliss or throw yourself into something infinite and vast.

In order to have good meditations, you should also try to dedicate your life to the right cause. The right cause is to try to see the divine in others and the divine in yourself all the time. If you think of yourself as a sea of ignorance, you will never be inspired to meditate well. You will think it is an impossible task. So try to see the divine in yourself as often as you can; then automatically your meditation will become deeper, more illumining and more fulfilling.

  1. MUN 237. 18 October 1974.