Question: How can I illumine my mind?1

Sri Chinmoy: Just by allowing your soul's light to come to your mind through the heart. Feel that you have three rooms — mind, heart and soul — and the only way to reach the third room is to go through the second one. The soul has to come to the mind-room through the heart-room. So first concentrate on the soul and feel its presence in the soul-room. Then try to bring the soul's presence into the heart-room. Once the soul is well-established in the heart-room, illumining the heart, it is time to enter into the mind-room. Then bring the soul's presence into the mind-room and illumine the mind. First bring the soul into the heart and let the heart be illumined. Then, when the heart is illumined, let the soul come and serve the Supreme in the mind. There is no other way.

  1. MUN 272. 18 July 1975.