Question: Is it a good idea to use our intuition in our daily tasks?1

Sri Chinmoy: As soon as you start using your intuition, you have to know that you are doing the right thing. But just because you have started doing the right thing, you cannot expect to get the result immediately. You have to continue for some time. A seed does not become a tree all at once. First it has to germinate, then grow into a tiny plant, a sapling and, finally, a huge banyan tree. Today's intuition-power also has to grow. Like a muscle it can be developed and made stronger and more fulfilling.

The power of intuition comes either from the inmost recesses of the heart or from a very high plane of consciousness. When you have intuitive knowledge, you can feel that you are already advanced and in a position to lead others. You should feel that this power has dawned in you not so that you can lord it over others but so that you can serve those who have less capacity and wisdom. Because this intuition has entered into you, you have to feel that you are the elder brother of the family. With love, concern and oneness you have to show your younger brothers and sisters the way to their destination.

Let us say that you have something to do and you get a flash of intuition. At that time, just enter into the task — not with the idea of showing the world what you have accomplished but in order to offer the world the new realisation that you have had. When you have intuition, you immediately must feel the necessity of dedication, for the wisdom you have gained is of immediate use to everyone in the world. So with your intuition-power you will enter into your subject or task and, when you come out triumphantly, you will dedicate your discovery to those who lack your capacity. Only then will intuition give you real satisfaction. Intuition will show you how to start, how to continue and how to end. Since we are speaking of the search for eternal happiness, there is no end. We are always transcending our previous goals. Today's goal is only the starting point for tomorrow's higher goal.

  1. MUN 285. 29 October 1975.