Chapter 9: Our peace is within

Question: How can we attain lasting inner peace?1

Sri Chinmoy: We fail to get lasting peace when our mind tells us that the one cannot also be many, and that the many cannot also be the one. We can attain lasting inner peace only when we feel that God, our Supreme Pilot, is in the many as One and in the One as many. When we consciously feel this truth in our life, we get everlasting peace in whatever we say, whatever we do, whatever we offer and whatever we receive.

The day I feel my existence and my illumining heart in everyone is the day I immediately become one in many and the many become one in me. Then, when I receive or bring down peace from Above and assimilate it in myself, I see and feel that this peace has been assimilated in all of humanity. For I have already established my conscious oneness with humanity.

We have to feel that God and humanity are like a great tree. God is the tree and we are the branches. There are many branches, and all of them are one with each other and with the tree. If we can feel that we have the same relationship with God and with humanity as a single branch has with the other branches and with the tree as a whole, then we are bound to get everlasting peace.

  1. MUN 294. 23 February 1973.