Question: After we stop meditating, how can we maintain the level of consciousness we reached during our meditation? I know it is difficult at work, but I find it equally hard at home.

Sri Chinmoy: How can you maintain a high level of consciousness? You can do it through constant remembrance. If you want to maintain your height, then your aspiration should be flowing constantly. It is difficult right now for you to meditate for a long period. But for half an hour you can easily meditate. Then, for the next half hour, you can read spiritual books. After that you can sing spiritual songs or listen to spiritual music. You can also go to the house of one of your spiritual friends or, if that is not possible, you can call up someone on the phone and speak about spiritual matters.

Again, you can write down your own experiences, not with the thought of publishing them but just to help your own consciousness. While you are writing them down, you are not only keeping them alive inside you, but you are perfecting your spiritual nature. As soon as you have written down your experiences, you have created something. The creator always wants to enjoy his creation. After the gardener plants a rose bush and tends to it, he gets enormous joy when he sees the beautiful roses. Similarly, you also may get joy from reading about your experiences.

Then, during the day, you can try to remember the experiences you had while you were meditating early in the morning. It is like charging a battery. You are charging your memory with your achievement or with your spiritual progress. Each time you think about your own experiences, you will be transported back to that time and you will once again feel the peace, light and bliss that you experienced then. In this way you will be able to maintain your standard until it is time for your next meditation.