Question: Why has God made it so difficult for us to reach Him?1

Sri Chinmoy: He has not made it difficult for the sincere seekers. For the sincere seekers the road is very short. Only for the doubtful seekers is the road long. This moment you feel that God is very kind to you, but the next moment you get some blow or pain and you lose faith. Some unconscious part of you says, "O God, why are You so cruel to me? This morning I meditated well, so how is it that now I am suffering?" Instead of this, you should say, "Although I am suffering such pain, perhaps something infinitely more serious was going to happen to me and God saved me. God is so kind to me." Like this, if you can change your attitude towards God, immediately the road becomes easier.

The road is long only for those who do not feel gratitude to God. If you feel that something is bad and deplorable, then immediately think, "Oh, it could have been infinitely worse. It is out of God's infinite Compassion that He has not allowed a worse attack to come." If you have that kind of attitude, then the road becomes very, very easy.

Who actually causes you suffering and pain? It is not God. It is the hostile forces. They come and attack you in the form of suffering. When hostile forces attack you, unconsciously you cherish them. Most human beings cherish suffering. Otherwise, it would not last for long. You have to tell these forces all the time, "I do not need you, I do not want you. I only want God." Then your road to God will be shorter than the shortest.

  1. MUN 327. 18 July 1978.