Question: How has the consciousness of the United Nations affected America as a country?1

Sri Chinmoy: According to my inner feeling, the United Nations has definitely contributed something very sublime to the consciousness of America. At every moment the United Nations is aiming at world-brotherhood, world peace, world harmony and world-oneness. America is undoubtedly the right place for the United Nations to be, for America embodies at once humanity's hope and Divinity's Promise. America is constantly offering hope and promise to the world at large.

The United Nations needs a few things from America and it is getting them. Again, America needs a few things from the United Nations, and the United Nations is more than willing to offer them. The United Nations is getting ample opportunity to achieve its goals from America's hope and promise. At the same time, the United Nations itself, through its inner capacities, is transforming America's hope into reality and America's promise into fulfilment. The soul of America is promise and the soul of the United Nations helps to fulfil that promise. Like a flower and its fragrance, they go together. The soul of the United States brings down Divinity's Promise to the foot of the reality-tree. And the soul of the United Nations looks around and offers this reality to those who need it for their mind's universal expansion and their heart's transcendental reality.

  1. MUN 35-37. 7 February 1992.