Question: How can I have more will-power and clarity?1

Sri Chinmoy: When you think of will-power, unfortunately you think of it as being inside your mind. But it is not true. Will-power is inside the third eye, and the third eye is not inside your physical mind. Real will-power enters into the third eye from the soul. The soul's light is will-power, real will-power. And the soul is inside the heart. So the easiest and most effective way to cultivate will-power is to concentrate on the heart.

People feel that the heart is feminine and the mind is masculine. In the mind there is a tiger, a lion or a bull that will fight. This is our human conception. But this is a mistake. Inside the heart is the soul, and the soul has infinitely more capacity than the mind. So if you want adamantine will-power, then you have to look inside the heart, not the head.

You also want clarity. Now you are in darkness, but if you have a little light, then you can see what is around you. If you can get even an iota of your soul's light, then you will be able to see everything even if you walk along the darkest path. So if you want clarity in your mind, concentrate on your heart and dig there. Think that you have a tool to dig with and every day dig deeper. If each day you dig a little further, eventually you will be able to feel and see the light. First you feel, then you see, then you become. First you will feel that there is something inside, like a very tiny insect: that is the light. Then you will see it with your inner vision or even with your human vision. Finally you will grow into it.

  1. MUN 352. April 1978.