Question: Can you give us some suggestions on how we might use in our jobs the light, joy, bliss and other qualities that we receive in our meditation?1

Sri Chinmoy: When you meditate you do get something — either peace or light or bliss or some other divine qualities. These divine qualities are your treasure. In the outer world, you keep your money in your wallet and use it whenever you want to buy something. When you meditate, you earn money in the form of peace, light and power and keep it in your heart-wallet. Do not feel that you only have this inner wealth when you are meditating consciously. No! This divine wealth you have earned through your prayer and meditation; it is absolutely yours, and you can use it any time you want to. Ordinary money-power you use to buy the things that you want. But your light-power or peace-power you can use to conquer something. You can conquer ignorance by inundating it with your inner light and peace.

Right now your spiritual life is a tiny, fragile plant that can easily be destroyed, so on the inner plane you have to be very careful. In your office you have to associate with many people who are not aspiring at all. They have their own world, their own life, which can easily devour your aspiration. But you have the power to protect yourself from the world-ignorance. You must be constantly aware that you have this inner power; otherwise, you will not remember to use it to solve your problems. This very often happens. Even now, we are all inseparably one with God, but we have forgotten. Only by practising meditation for years and years do we become consciously aware that God exists inside us and come to realise what it means to be inseparably one with Him. People who have realised God say that He was always there within them, but they had totally forgotten.

When you pray and meditate, try to keep the experience that you get constantly alive inside you. You have something, but it is up to you to utilise it. If you do not utilise it, then after some time it will lose its power. When you meditate you do get peace, light and bliss. Peace is power, light is power, bliss is power; all the divine qualities are power — power to stand against the ignorance of the outer world. Always try to remind yourself of the divine qualities that you have achieved during your meditation. Then it will be quite easy for you to stand against ignorance. If you just remember the qualities that you have achieved, these very qualities will fight against ignorance on your behalf.

  1. MUN 373. October 1973.