Question: How would you define ultimate Truth?1

Sri Chinmoy: In the world of the mind, we feel that if we can get our Ph.D., then we will have the ultimate Truth in terms of outer knowledge. But when we actually get our Ph.D., if we are sincere, we feel it is just the beginning — a starting point for a vaster, more profound knowledge. We feel that there are millions of things that we do not know even on the outer plane, not to speak of on the inner plane.

Ultimate Truth cannot be defined. Like the ultimate Goal, it is constantly going beyond its own height. As there is no end to our progress, no end to our achievement, so also there is no end to the ultimate Truth. What we achieve in our eternal Godward journey is the experience of the ever-transcending Truth.

In the spiritual life, the ultimate Truth or the ultimate Goal is only the farthest horizon of today's vision. As far as we can see, from where we stand, is the ultimate Truth for us, so we try to go there. But the closer we get to that Goal, the farther we can see beyond it. At first we think the ultimate Truth is to become inseparably one with God. But when we become inseparably one with God, we see that we can go much farther if we want to. We can become conscious and surrendered instruments, divine instruments of God. God-realisation is just the starting point for God-revelation, which takes us to a higher level. Then comes God-manifestation, which again can be infinitely expanded.

Today's ultimate Truth for a seeker can be the attainment of divine peace, light and bliss. But when he gets these qualities in abundant measure, he wants them in infinite measure. And in Infinity there is no boundary, only constant transcendence. In the spiritual life, the ultimate is never a finality, a fixed place, because the inner urge is always to surpass and go beyond, beyond, beyond. The ultimate Truth of today is the starting point for another, higher ultimate Truth to-morrow. And the day after tomorrow that new Truth becomes the starting point for the realisation of a Truth still higher. This process is happening to God even in His own Life. God created the world and He Himself is evolving ever higher in and through us. In the process of evolution we cannot say what the end will be.

  1. MUN 379. 22 February 1974.