Question: You say that when the body dies the soul goes back to its own world. What is the soul's world?

Sri Chinmoy: As earth is our body's world, so also there is a world which we call the soul's world. We are all God's children. A child always has a home. After going to the playground for a few hours, he returns home. Then, after taking rest, the next day he goes out again to play. Similarly, the soul comes here on earth to play for a few years and then it goes back to its own region, to where it came from. After taking rest for some time, it returns to earth in another body.

The soul's original abode is Sat-Chit-Ananda. It means 'Existence-Consciousness-Bliss'. There is a Bengali song, Phire Chalo, which means, "Let us go Home". The aspiring soul is returning home, to a place where it is all light and delight. In this home there is no death, no suffering, no sorrow, no decay; it is all joy, light and delight.