Question: If a soul is more evolved, will it take on a body that is more physically beautiful, or is there no correlation between physical beauty and spiritual development?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no correlation at all. There have been many saints and spiritual Masters who were physically quite ugly, and there have been many who were very beautiful. It depends entirely on God's Will and the individual soul's will what kind of house the soul will live in.

If somebody has plenty of money, even then he may not care for a big mansion. He may feel that a small room is adequate. Again, somebody who has very little money may spend everything he has to rent a big house to show off.

The beauty that we see in saints and spiritual Masters is the soul's beauty rather than physical beauty. The soul's beauty does not create any problems either for its possessor or for others. If we have aspiration, we are able to see the inner beauty of a spiritual figure and appreciate him because of it.