Mr David Rowe: Can we hope that individual delegations of Member States will work towards higher goals than their home governments would normally support?

Sri Chinmoy: It entirely depends on the inner strength of the individual delegations. If an individual delegation has received a higher call to spread a deeper reality in human life, I feel that it should move forward and listen to the higher call even if it does not get support from its home government. Let us take the home government as an elderly father and the individual delegation as a young man. The old man always thinks he knows everything far better than his son, but sometimes it happens that higher truths and more illumining realities want to express themselves in and through the young generation. At that time, the old generation will be making a deplorable mistake if it does not accept the new vision that has dawned on the young generation. This mistake may cause an untold disaster in the minds and the hearts of both the fearful, unwilling old generation and the daring, pioneering new generation.

God does not have to speak all the time through the human father. He can easily speak to the father through the son as well. Therefore, just as it is obligatory for the son to listen to his father when the father's advice is founded upon unmistakable truths, even so, it is equally obligatory for the father to accept the son's vision-reality when it is unmistakably illumining and considerably fulfilling.