Question: Is the difference between materialism and spirituality that the one tries to possess the outer world and that the other tries to possess the inner world?1

Sri Chinmoy: When we practise spiritual philosophy, we want to capture the inner world, not the material world. We do not want to possess God's creation as our own. We only want to possess God and use Him for our own purpose. But when we go deeper into spiritual philosophy, we want to possess the person or thing not for our purpose but for their own purpose. And if we go higher still in divine philosophy, we do not want to possess at all. We only want to enter into infinite peace, light and bliss so they can play their respective roles in and through us here on earth — in their own way. The truly divine soldier will always seek truth, light, peace and bliss for their own manifestation and fulfilment. The divine philosophy is not "I want for myself." The divine philosophy is "Let Thy Will be done in Thine own Way."

  1. MUN 400. 13 June 1975.