Question: What does God like best in a religion?

Sri Chinmoy: What God likes best in each religion is a big heart. Let each religion tolerate the others. If tolerance is there, then let each religion go one step further and also recognise other religions. Once recognition is given, each religion has to feel sincerely that other religions are as good and as true as itself. It has to feel that each religion is right in its own way and that all are equal.

Tolerance is the first step. But in tolerance there is always a sense of separativity. If I tolerate you, I feel that I am separate from you. So once a particular religion gives due value to other religions and sees their existence as an expression of truth, then that particular religion has to go high, higher, highest and deep, deeper, deepest in order to feel and establish its conscious oneness with the other religions. At that time it will realise that there are not several religions but only one religion.

When a religion comes to realise that all religions form a single, eternal religion — an eternal Eye of Truth or an eternal Heart of Truth — then that religion becomes perfect. This kind of discovery and achievement is what God likes best in a religion.