Question: Why does the reference to God or religion embarrass so many people?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two reasons. First, people have become very sophisticated; they now have a machine-like consciousness. Anything that they do not or cannot know immediately, or anything that they do not have an immediate need for in their life, they do not value. And anything that does not give them satisfaction on the physical, vital or mental plane, or anything that does not exist right in front of their nose, they feel is unreal and embarrassing.

But the really religious people never create embarrassment. Actually, who should be embarrassed? Not he who has seen the light or he who is crying for the light! Only he who does not care for the light should be embarrassed. If I as an individual have seen the light, then why should I feel embarrassed to speak to you? And if you as an individual need light and are crying for light, then why should you be embarrassed? We should be embarrassed only when we do not have something good and divine and do not care for that very thing or appreciate those who have it. We should be embarrassed only then.