Mr David Rowe: Is there a special need to promote co-operation between the newer and often poorer countries in the General Assembly and the older and, in most cases, more established, wealthier countries? Should the latter not take the lead in fostering good relations?

Sri Chinmoy: We all believe in progress. Progress is nothing but true satisfaction. If one country is more established and more financially secure than another country, that does not mean that this particular country is the happiest and most perfect country. If a strong and wealthy country wants to remain always in the vanguard, or if it wants to exercise supremacy over the other countries, then it may be able to do so. But true satisfaction, for which there is a common and universal cry, will never come. Supremacy can never lead to either individual or collective happiness.

Everything is relative. One country may be poorer than another country in one particular aspect of life, but it may easily be richer in some other aspect. Outer wealth it may lack, but inner wealth it may have in profuse measure. Again, if one country is wanting in both outer wealth and inner wealth, then it will be an act of kindness as well as wisdom if the superior country opens both its inner and outer door to help, guide and illumine the inferior one. At that time, the illumined country has to feel it is only expanding its own reality-existence. It is the heart of love that knows how to expand, and another name for this expansion is satisfaction.