Question: Is there any real difference between one religion and another?

Sri Chinmoy: If you dive deep within, you will see there is no fundamental difference between the religions because each religion embodies the ultimate Truth. Only they call it by different names. Each religion is right, absolutely right, because each religion conveys the message of Truth in its own way. Your religion may say one thing and my religion may say something else. But our religions will never differ when it is a matter of the highest Truth.

On the way to the Goal we may quarrel and disagree; we may misunderstand each other. Why? Precisely because there are many roads that lead to the Goal. Some will follow one road and some will follow another road. I will say that my road is by far the best because it is inspiring and satisfying me. You will say that your road is best because it is fulfilling you. But when we reach our Destination, we will both be at the same place: Truth. In Truth there is no quarrel, no conflict; Truth or God-realisation transcends all religions.