Question: How can we see through God's Eyes?1

Sri Chinmoy: We can see through God's Eyes only when we feel our conscious, constant and all-loving oneness with our Inner Pilot, the Lord Supreme. First of all, if we live in the mind or in the vital, we have to establish a free access to the inmost recesses of our heart. But if we already live in the heart, then we have to feel the Presence of the One who lives in the inmost recesses of our heart, our Lord Supreme. When we feel His Presence, at that time we have to go one step farther and feel our inseparable and eternal oneness with Him. Once we feel our inseparable, eternal oneness with Him, then no matter what we do, we will feel that He is doing it in us, with us and through us and we are doing it in Him, with Him and through Him.

  1. MUN 460. 26 November 1976.