Question: Some nations accept the United Nations as their own. Other nations would even deny the United Nations. What are the differences in the soul-growth of the nations that have not yet become one with the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: In spite of knowing that the United Nations is not all-powerful, in spite of knowing that it may, on very rare occasions, do things that displease the world at large, many nations have accepted the United Nations as their own, very own. This means they feel their oneness with the body-reality and the soul-reality of the United Nations. It means that they have true love for the United Nations and would have accepted the United Nations even if it were not, let us say, as meaningful or as fruitful. The nations that have consciously and wholeheartedly accepted the United Nations as their very own, the nations that regard the United Nations as an integral part of their existence-reality and consider themselves part and parcel of its existence-reality, are undoubtedly fully awakened. I sincerely appreciate and admire those nations.

Unfortunately, there are some nations that find it difficult to accept the United Nations; they even go to the length of denying the United Nations. I wish to say, from my own experience and point of view, that either these nations are not awakened or they have consciously and deliberately taken the side of ignorance. At night it is very easy to deny the existence of the sun. But after dawn comes, the sun is there for everyone to see. Even while facing the sun, we can still deny its existence, just as we can deny our oneness with the supreme Reality. But we have to know that it is the ignorance in us that is operating, and eventually our inner sun will respond to the outer sun and illumine our ignorance.

Just like an individual human being, each nation has a physical personality, a vital personality and a mental personality. At times it is very difficult to say whether a nation is not accepting the United Nations because its soul is unawakened or because its physical, vital and mental reality are not sufficiently awakened. If those are not awakened, then the nation as such will not want to help and serve the United Nations or be illumined and guided by the United Nations. In most cases, it is the undisciplined vital, the uncontrolled mind and the unaspiring physical reality that do not allow a nation to see the divinity of the United Nations and its sincere willingness to be of service to mankind.

Again, there are some nations which neither deny nor accept the United Nations; they try to remain neutral. From the inner point of view, neutrality does not express the highest wisdom. Let us say two persons are at daggers drawn; they have different opinions, and one is right and one is wrong. If we know who is right and, in spite of knowing, still remain silent, it means that some weakness on our part is preventing us from taking the side of light. It is not that one side is all ignorance and the other side is all wisdom-light. What exists is lesser light and higher light, lesser truth and higher truth. One side may have an iota more light than the other side. If we remain silent, automatically we weaken the possibilities and potentialities of the side with more light. The one that embodies more light should be encouraged and inspired so that he reaches his destination-goal. There he will be flooded with the light of the goal, and then he can come back and offer light to the unillumined who are still struggling or wallowing in ignorance. So it is always good to take the side which has greater light, abundant light.

I am sure that most of you have read the Bhagavad Gita, India’s Bible. It describes a conflict between darkness and light, or we can say between lesser light and greater light, which eventually ended in the battle of Kurukshetra. Lord Krishna represented God and for God everybody is equal. So Lord Krishna said outwardly, “I am not taking any side.” But in the very depths of his heart he took the side of the righteous Pandavas. To the other side, the Kauravas, he gave his own army, and he acted only as a charioteer for the Pandava side. But there were two occasions when he came out of the chariot to fight against the unaspiring forces.

There were one or two individuals on the unaspiring side who were really aspiring. They knew who Sri Krishna was and wanted to surrender fully to his light, but they were morality-bound to fight on the Kaurava side because they were brought up and nourished by that side. Similarly, if some nations are in touch with undivine nations and get financial or other help from them, then they are caught. They will find themselves unable to voice forth their sincere opinions with regard to the United Nations. If they take the side of the unaspiring nation that helped them instead of encouraging the more promising, illumining and fulfilling nations, then they are only standing in the way of their own aspiration and hindering world-perfection in general.

As seekers, we should always try to take the side of those nations that are trying to unite other nations and that are crying for more illumination and perfection here on earth. And we should always try to convince our nation to take their side as well. All those who do not want to see the truth or who are denying the truth should be given a chance to see and realise the truth in their own time. But right now, only those who need and desperately are crying for the truth should be given the first and foremost chance to come to the fore and be inundated with light.

It is very difficult to determine the soul-growth of the nations that have not yet become one with the United Nations. Right now the physical, vital and mental parts of those nations are not allowing the soul to come to the fore. When the soul is covered by layer after layer of physical reality, vital reality or mental reality, then it is not possible to determine the growth because the soul remains in seed form. When the soul comes to the fore, when the seed germinates into a tiny plant, a sapling and, finally, into a huge banyan tree, only then does it radiate an iota of light all around. At that time we can determine the soul-growth. But we can safely say that the soul of every nation will one day come to the fore, for nothing in God’s creation will remain imperfect forever. Eventually, everything has to see the face of perfection. That is what God wants from us because perfection is what God eternally is.

Here we are all seekers of the Absolute Truth. We should soulfully pray and meditate for the nations that are still wanting in light so that they can one day see the all-loving beauty and all-fulfilling duty that the United Nations is and has. Again, we have to know that the goal that the United Nations is striving for is not the ultimate goal. Right now the United Nations is only thinking of world-union. But union is not the ultimate destination. There has to be something else: oneness. Right now, through the United Nations we are trying to establish unity on the physical, vital, mental and psychic plane. But then we have to go one step ahead to oneness. The ultimate goal is oneness-reality. Right now we will not be able to place this ultimate goal before the comity of nations. But a day will come when the United Nations will be able to offer its oneness-reality to all nations and to all aspiring human beings on earth. Our present goal is union-song, but eventually we will have to become oneness-dance by virtue of our sincere prayer and sincere dedication to the body-reality and the soul-reality of the United Nations. And for that we shall have to prepare ourselves slowly, steadily and unerringly.