Question: Here at the United Nations many decision-makers have to take positions on controversial issues. What is the most effective way to make sure the position they take is the correct one?1

Sri Chinmoy: When a controversial subject is being discussed, unfortunately, all those who are participating may not be aspiring. All may not care for constant and conscious self-giving to a higher ideal, to an uplifting cause or to the Source. Still, one thing we can try to do is to exercise the sympathy of fellowship. When we look around us at a meeting, we see quite a few individuals. If we can claim them to be our friends rather than strangers or adversaries, then the strength of our oneness itself is a divine achievement. It means we are already on the road to a divine accomplishment.

If there is oneness, we will never be able to hurt anybody. If I am really one with somebody, then I cannot hurt that person. The parts of our body are one with each other. Our hands are so powerful, but do we strike our eyes with our hands? No! We know that our eyes and our hands are working together to reach the same goal. The eyes see the goal first, but it is the legs that take us there and the hands that let us hold the goal. So each member plays its role.

When many individuals get together to come to a decision, if right from the beginning they feel that they are one, then once the truth is seen by one member, spontaneously the others will also see it and try to achieve it. If oneness is already felt and established on the inner plane, then on the outer plane all will try to aim at the same goal. When an individual who is simple, sincere and truth-loving offers a good suggestion, if others have any feeling of sympathy, concern and oneness with him, then automatically they will see the value of his suggestion. It makes no difference who sees the truth first; once the truth has been seen, the inner decision is already made. And while others are participating in or becoming one with the decision, they are also expediting it. So if each member can feel that the others are not going to deceive him, if each member can accept every other member as a real friend, it does not matter who is blessed with the message. From one it will spread to two, and eventually all will be travelling together to the same destined goal.

  1. MUN 58. 8 March 1978.