Question: What is the relationship between the soul of the United Nations and the soul of the world?1

Sri Chinmoy: The soul of the world embodies the soul of the United Nations. In fact, the soul of the world has some connection — you can call it an awareness or a oneness — with everything in God’s earthly creation. There is nothing on earth that does not have a direct inner connection with the soul of the world. But the soul of the United Nations does not have or has not yet established that kind of connection with the entire world. There are many nations that have not joined the United Nations and many places on earth that do not have any connection with the United Nations.

When the soul of the United Nations grows into perfection, then it will become the satisfaction-triumph of the soul of the world; in fact, it will become the world-soul itself. The soul of the United Nations must eventually grow into the world-soul because it has to embody and embrace the length and breadth of the entire world. The United Nations means united creation, and this means one world. When we use the word ‘nation’, at that time we imagine a plot of land, a country, a few million people put together. But when we think of creation, at that time we do not think of plots of land or citizens of countries; we just think of God in His manifestation. Right now that idea does not immediately come forward when we think of the United Nations. But a day will come when the United Nations will expand its vision and encompass the whole horizon. At that time, it will become another world-soul, another form of world-reality, where God the Creator and God the creation can easily be found in every action it performs.

  1. MUN 61. 9 January 1976.