Question: Is the United Nations in seed form or is it a fruit?

Sri Chinmoy: When we are in the mind, of the mind and for the mind, then we feel that the United Nations is definitely a fruit. The hungry minds and, especially, the hungry vitals of some countries and individuals have been greedily trying to devour this fruit. But those that have been able to taste the fruit are not satisfied with it; they feel it is not as delicious as they imagined because they are seeing it from the point of view of the earthbound mind. From the point of view of the earthbound mind, nothing is ever satisfactory, certain, definite or complete.

Again, there are other countries and other individuals that have not been fortunate enough to avail themselves of this fruit. These countries and individuals still feel that the fruit will be most delicious. Such is our human nature. When we get something, after some time we do not appreciate or value it. But if we do not get it, we feel that it is the most valuable thing in the world. This is what happens when we see something with our earthbound mind.

But when we are in the heart, of the heart and for the heart, we will feel that the United Nations is still in seed form. Slowly, steadily and unerringly this seed will germinate. It will gradually grow from a tiny plant into a great tree that will produce fruits for the entire world. These fruits will be truly delicious because they will be nourished by humanity's heart of oneness, peace, love and harmony. What is more, each country will be able to eat these fruits to its heart's content — according to its sincere concern, according to its sincere willingness to become implicitly one with the world's progress and according to its self-giving to the world community. At that time, all the countries of the world will be satisfied with the all-pervading sweetness and oneness of the United Nations.