Question: Is it possible that the United Nations will one day be a nucleus of worldwide spirituality?1

Sri Chinmoy: That is not only possible but also inevitable. The symbol, the truth, the light that the United Nations embodies is bound to cover the length and breadth of the world. The body and form that the United Nations now has may not last. It may not remain in this building. But the reality that is behind the United Nations, the dreams that each dedicated individual member has — not in his mind, but in his soul — have to fulfil themselves. It may take fifty, two hundred, or four hundred years, but the dreams must eventually be fulfilled even if the outer form or structure of the United Nations does not remain the same. The essential thing is that the soul of the United Nations will blossom into perfection, and 'United Nations' will be expanded into 'Oneness-World'.

The League of Nations was Woodrow Wilson's dream. It no longer exists. Instead, it has blossomed into another dream, a greater dream. The United Nations is also a dream. And this dream also will eventually take a better and more fulfilling form; at that time it will be a 'Oneness-World'. A League of Nations is like a cluster of flowers. A United Nations arranges the flowers harmoniously. But in a Oneness-World, we will not see several individual flowers at all; we will see all as one whole.

This is God's Dream, God's Vision of Perfection. The Kingdom of Heaven that we talk about and hear about is nothing other than a Oneness-World. A Oneness-World must dawn. Even when a Oneness-World is established, it will not be the ultimate thing in God's Vision. No, inside oneness there should be a continuous aspiration to go beyond, beyond, beyond. God's Vision is always transcending, so after oneness we still have to keep on going; only then can we have real perfection. So, first there was the League of Nations. Now we see the United Nations. From the United Nations we shall see the Oneness-World, and inside the Oneness-World we shall sing the song of self-transcendence, world-transcendence and universal transcendence. Only then shall we find satisfaction-perfection.

  1. MUN 78. 16 April 1976.