Chapter 5: Serving the United Nations

Question: What do the delegates and ambassadors who are participating in the General Assembly offer to the United Nations spiritually?1

Sri Chinmoy: All the diplomats and delegates have something spiritual to offer. They have come, first of all, to serve their own country. Their country is made up of thousands and millions of people. Since they represent their nation, millions of people are inside them and speaking through them to the world at large. So the message that the ambassador of a nation gives is something that his nation wants the whole world to hear. It is the nation's collective contribution to mankind that the ambassador is offering. Therefore, we must realise that there is something meaningful and fruitful inside each and every delegate and ambassador participating in the General Assembly. This very thing, on the outer plane, may not bear fruit all at once. But just because it does not bear fruit immediately, we cannot say that the ambassador and his nation do not inwardly have a good intention.

Each delegate is a human being and each human being has a soul. That means a solid portion of God's Consciousness-Light is inside each individual. Each individual has the potential, the capacity and the needed power to serve mankind spiritually. It may take time; some individuals open up to the light sooner than others. But nobody can live without in some way offering to the Source the love, concern, sympathy, compassion, devotedness and other good qualities that have come from the Source.

  1. MUN 82. 21 September 1976.