Question: How can you maintain inner tranquillity at work when you are in an atmosphere with a great deal of pressure?1

Sri Chinmoy: You can maintain inner tranquillity no matter what happens in your office or how many wrong forces from your office try to assail you, provided you feel that these forces are no match for your love of light. When you are in the office, you are constantly attacked by the force of doubt, which is a representative of darkness. If you feel that you have nothing with which to fight this force, then you are totally lost. But if you feel that inside your heart there is something called light, and that this boundless luminosity is infinitely more powerful than the force attacking you, then you have nothing to fear. Because you pray and meditate and are trying constantly to increase your love of God, and because you are aware of God's Presence inside your heart, you can rest assured that you definitely embody light.

The wrong forces are coming from outside. But inside you is the strongest, mightiest force, which is in constant communication with the Almighty Absolute. This force is your inner light, which is immortal. It will never surrender to the wrong forces. In fact, when darkness consciously or unconsciously enters into light, it is bound to be transformed. Just by bringing this inner light to the fore, you will see to your great astonishment that the outer darkness immediately will give way. The more you can increase your inner light and bring it to the fore through your prayer and meditation, the sooner you will see the transformation of the outer forces that are attacking you.

  1. MUN 87. 3 October 1975.