Question: What is patriotism?1

Sri Chinmoy: Patriotism is love of one's country, the country that has given one shelter, the country that claims one as its very own son or daughter. Patriotism offers an individual a golden opportunity to work together with his dearest motherland. When mother and son work together, they see their need of each other. The son needs the mother's sacrifice, sympathy, love and concern; the mother needs the son's heroism, dynamism and will-power. When all these divine qualities meet together, the country becomes a perfect instrument of God.

Some countries are regarded as the fatherland. In these cases, the father's wisdom, height, light, peace and bliss can meet with the dynamic qualities and boundless will-power of the son or daughter. At that time, both the father and child become supremely perfect instruments for God-manifestation on earth, and perfection dawns in that particular country.

  1. MUN 89-92. 30 May 1975.