Question: Is there anything I can do to always have a good meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: It is your wish to have always most delicious food. But sometimes the food is not so good. If you want to get always very delicious food, you need to have access to an expert cook. I am your spiritual cook and you can easily have access to this cook. How? Through gratitude, the gratitude that is inside the heart, not inside the mind.

I always say that the past is dust. But sometimes, just for a fleeting second, you can remember that once upon a time you were on the same footing as your friends and neighbours. Now look at the difference between you. It is like day and night. They may be rich on the material plane, but on the spiritual plane they are poverty-stricken, bankrupt. So when you see the difference, automatically a spring of gratitude will well up inside you. If you can have a drop of gratitude, inside that gratitude you will find a new creation. A tiny grain of gratitude means a world of new creation. The seed has to be sown; then it starts germinating and grows into a plant. So, when you are not getting a good meditation, the best thing is to think of what you were and what you are going to become. Once upon a time you could not even crawl; now you are running in the spiritual life. See the difference, and then you are bound to have gratitude. To whom? To the Supreme, for He is the Doer. It is He who has inspired you and acted in and through you. He has inspired you and He has given you the fruit of your action, so naturally your gratitude comes to the fore.