Question (later): I have had seventy-two birthdays, but I have never had such a beautiful birthday as today. Thank you very much, very much, very much.

Sri Chinmoy: See, your soul is speaking through your mouth. It is your soul's recognition of what I am and what I stand for and what our little family stands for. These are your true brothers, your true sisters. They will offer you their purest love, concern and oneness, which you have not experienced during these seventy-two years. They are all for you, all for you.

[Sri Chinmoy gives Olga a painting of a bird.]

Sri Chinmoy: The bird symbolises the soul. This is how the soul flies to the Supreme.

Sri Chinmoy [to Olga, after the party]: Once more we offer you our deepest love, our heart's deepest oneness. You are in our Golden Boat, that is to say, the Boat of the Supreme, and the Supreme has taken full responsibility for your life of aspiration, your soul of manifestation and your heart of oneness with the Supreme's infinite Light and infinite Delight.