The meditation world

Question: Suppose you are so tired that you can't meditate, but if you slept longer and meditated an hour later, you could meditate. Which is better?

Sri Chinmoy: The thing is that you have to know how often you do it. If you say that every week you are doing it, this is not good. But once in a blue moon it is all right. It is like in school; you study for months, and then you get a holiday. All right. But if every day you want to take a holiday, then how will you make progress? If you say that for months you have meditated at a particular hour and one morning you are tired, all right. But if every day you go to school at a different hour, then how can the teacher be pleased?

In your case also, I wish to say that regularity is necessary and punctuality is even more necessary. Always try to be punctual. That gives inner assurance to your life. But every day if you change the hour, then you do not have enough inner strength.