Question: I couldn't meditate in the morning, but I was able to meditate later in the day. Why is that?

Sri Chinmoy: There can be many reasons. When you tried to meditate in front of your shrine, perhaps you needed or wanted more sleep. Or perhaps you had not yet assimilated the peace or the light that the previous evening had given you. When the evening sets in, there is a kind of inner peace that comes. But you may not have assimilated it. Again, some wrong forces may have entered into you during your sleep.

But you did absolutely the right thing when you meditated later. It is like taking starts. If your speed increases right after you start, at that time you try to run the race. But if your speed does not increase, then later you try again. As long as you can get your meditation during the day, it is all right. If you could have started your journey properly, then the forty-five minutes you spent at your shrine would have left you totally satisfied. But since you could not meditate then, the best thing was to do it later, which you did.