Question: Guru, this is totally a curiosity-question. The other day you said that ceaseless prayer and meditation are needed to stop the world from sinking. There are certain prophecies about what will happen in 2012. The Mayan calendar says some things, and the Egyptian calendar says some things. Different ancient civilisations all predicted that a certain cataclysm would take place in 2012. Is there any truth to these predictions?1

Sri Chinmoy: We all make predictions. I am one of those. How many predictions go wrong! Once some people said that the world would come to an end. Then, because the world did not come to an end, they climbed up a mountain and jumped off.

The word “cataclysm” is a very peculiar word. We use the term often. This world is so vast. Even the worst possible cataclysm will not put an end to this world. Our mind is very limited. The mind enjoys hearing about destruction, but the mind-vision of the world is very limited, very limited.

Some spiritual Masters have predicted over the years that the world will be destroyed. The entire world cannot be destroyed. Large portions, yes; I agree that major portions of the world can be destroyed. But God’s Creation God will not allow to be destroyed all at once or all together, at the same time. That is wrong. Yes, the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb can destroy many things. But to say that they will destroy the whole world, that I cannot believe. It is all exaggeration. After one atom bomb drops, people will consider the consequences. Large areas like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese surrendered, because of fear and helplessness. But I do not think there will be atomic bombs to destroy the length and breadth of an entire country.

On the one hand, we get frightened when we hear the word “destruction.” On the other hand, we have to know that God wants to continue His present Creation. He does not want His whole world to be destroyed. He does not want it; that is not possible. There will be suffering, yes. Untold sufferings we have to go through. But the destruction of the entire world God will not allow.

This morning someone was telling me that certain spiritual Masters spoke about the destruction of the entire world, because the world is not accepting the divine Light. I gave him my point of view. I told him why it cannot be done and why it should not be done, and why God does not want it to happen. Perhaps the disciples of those Masters are to be blamed. Disciples at times cannot do justice to what their Master says. Quite often they have their own opinion, and they say things in the name of the Master. It is so painful.

Already I have started seeing light, light, real light, inner light in some of the countries. Newly born light I am seeing. During this past year, inwardly, spiritually, one big country was doing very well. Along with material progress, it made spiritual progress. This country needed light. How did it come about? God knows whether I was inwardly responsible, but somehow it happened. I am so happy! At the end of 2005, this country came forward. Now, during the New Year, this country is all for world peace. First there should be peace inside the country. In the world arena also, this country is making a very serious and sincere commitment to peace, I must say.

A few more countries will come forward soon. Peace, peace, peace! We have to see and feel that the countries that do not believe in peace do not make up the entire world.

  1. NED 11-21. Sri Chinmoy answered these question on 2 January 2006 in Kuantan, Malaysia.