Question: Guru, I think I got an inner message from you about how to treat my knee pain. Is it true?

Sri Chinmoy: Look at the faith of this disciple! He had knee pain, and he said I told him in the inner world to drink as much water as he could. Outwardly I did not say anything. He did drink a large quantity of water, and he gave me all the credit.

Question: It worked, Guru!

Sri Chinmoy: Then how is it that you are again suffering?

Question: That was my left knee. Now it is my right knee!

Sri Chinmoy: Again you can start drinking water.

Question: I did, but it did not work!

Sri Chinmoy: You need faith, faith! Of course, the first time you did feel that you got an inner message.

I also had to have faith. When I put ink on my left heel to succeed in the pole vault, how much faith I needed at that time! My last chance was coming up. I had to run, run, run to my house, because Mother Kali was asking me to put a mark on my left heel. Now, what has ink to do with my pole vault? But I did it, and I succeeded in my pole vault.

Again, Sarada Devi inwardly told me to go to the visa office on a Saturday to get my passport so that I could come to America! How can you believe such a thing? She told me to go to the government office on Saturday. The time also she gave: eleven o’clock. I had faith, and I did get the visa.

Shyama Charan Lahiri, Lahiri Mahashoy, had tremendous occult power. He was Babaji’s dearest disciple. Look at his faith! He had two daughters. One daughter was about eighteen years old when she married into a very rich family. Then she came back to her parents’ place and got a very, very serious disease, like cholera. It was only a matter of weeks before death would come. Shyama Charan Lahiri’s wife was crying and crying, telling her husband to go and bring famous doctors. He said, “You do not need famous doctors. I will cure our daughter.” He made a kind of mixture with mustard oil and some spices. He said to his wife, “Give this to her. She will be all right.”

Alas, she had no faith in her husband, so she did not give the remedy. She said, “What will people think? If our daughter dies, people will blame us. Her husband and our whole family will blame us.” She threw away the remedy. Then the doctors came, and they could not cure the daughter. The wife cried and cried. Still she did not believe that her husband could have cured their daughter.

Then what happened? They had three sons. One son, the middle one, became absolutely crazy. The wife sent the husband to this doctor and that doctor, and the husband obeyed her implicitly. He was a great yogi, but he went to so many places because his wife was sending him. Still she did not have faith in him at all, but the doctors could not cure the son.

The case became very, very serious. Then the wife said, “All right, all right! You are crazy, but now let us use your crazy remedy.” Shyama Charan Lahiri made the same preparation — mustard oil and spices — and the son was cured. His wife was sending him to bring various doctors, and he did bring them, but they could not cure the son. Finally, Shyama Charan Lahiri’s cure was successful.

Faith, faith, faith, faith! In my case, I recommend coconut water. I do not say that if you drink coconut water, everything will be cured. I do not say that, but I see that through coconut water I work most of the time quite successfully. Some people have very serious, severe pain from appendicitis, and they have to go to the hospital. I tell them to drink coconut water, because I know that I will be able to relieve their pain through coconut water. There I have put spiritual power. I will not say that coconut water will cure anyone! But I know that whatever I want to do to help an individual, I can use coconut water. In many, many cases — hundreds of cases — I have used coconut water. With coconut water, my force works. For everything I say to take coconut water, absolutely; but I do not dare to say that people will be cured just by drinking coconut water.

The day Ravi Shankar came to play for us, it was raining heavily. A high-ranking official at the United Nations and his wife came to me. They said that twice the wife had suffered a miscarriage and lost a child. They were so miserable. Now the wife was again pregnant, and they were asking me if I could do something, begging me to do something. I was preparing my speech for Ravi Shankar. I said, “All right, I shall pray, but from now please take coconut water.” I know how much faith they had in coconut water! The child did come into the world, in perfect condition.

The daughter of a famous politician came to our museum. She was very, very nice. While signing our guest book, she said that in two or three weeks she would give birth. I was horrified that arrangements had been made for me to lift her. What if something happened? I was so unwilling, unwilling, but what could I do? I prayed to God, and I lifted her as slowly as possible. I knew that nothing would happen, but she was the one who had faith. In two or three weeks she would give birth. Such a risk she took!

While signing the guest book she said to me, “Now please give me some advice.” Was I the one to give her advice? I said, “Please, from now on, every day until you have the child, drink coconut water — twice a day, if possible.” Because she took me as a spiritual person, she accepted my message very, very seriously. She did drink coconut water, and afterwards she thanked me.

A famous actress said to me, “Can you please find a husband for me?” It is absolutely true! Was I the right person to find her a husband? She was so nice, so devoted, so devoted. I told her to drink coconut water! Perhaps she was cursing me for saying that coconut water would bring her a husband. Coconut water I use for so many things. Believe me, occultly I did something. She had faith that I was a spiritual person, so she believed me, no matter how stupid it seemed that she should drink coconut water to get a husband.

If some special individuals ask such sincere questions, what am I going to do? Is it not their faith in me that compels them to ask me? I can see that they do not want to make fun of me. I see seriousness in their questions. If they take me seriously, I can do something. Faith is like that. From the outer point of view if you want to judge, you will say that it is crazy; but these individuals had tremendous respect for me. Because I felt their sincere respect, I told them to drink coconut water, and there I put my spiritual force.