Question: Guru, you keep trying different doctors, so you must have faith that eventually you will find the right one.

Sri Chinmoy: I am trying, but perhaps I am trying to break the cosmic law, or my own law! Today another doctor is coming, after eight doctors have failed to relieve my shoulder pain. If it is God's Will, then God will cure me. I have my connection with Mother Kali. I know that, if she sanctions it, in a minute or in a second I can be cured. My philosophy is that God is also inside the doctors. I say this, and I practise it. I say to myself, "Perhaps this one can cure me, or that one can cure me." On the human level we cherish hope, hope, hope, hope. You can say that I am desperately trying to break or go beyond my own realisation. Why should there be only one kind of realisation?

For years and years I was opposed to acupuncture. I taught you that we have thousands of subtle nerves, and these nerves are jolted by acupuncture. It destroys their rhythm. I told everybody my philosophy, and now I have broken my rule — I have tried acupuncture! I tried to have faith in acupuncture, but in this case the pain came back three times.

Again, look at my faith: I tried injections for my knee pain. My Chinese doctor was so kind. For three weeks, sometimes even for a month, I used to feel better. Then the pain would come back. Now my doctor has gone to the other world. His soul has to work in and through some of my doctor-disciples!