Question: If it is not God's Will for someone to be healed, is it wrong to pray to God intensely for the person to be healed?

Sri Chinmoy: How do you know what God's Will is? You do not know, but you can pray.

Question: God will not fault me for that prayer?

Sri Chinmoy: No, God will not blame you.

Question: God will not blame me for praying for the person to be healed, even if that is not His Will?

Sri Chinmoy: No. God keeps His Will hidden.

Again, to the very end, to the last breath, it is your duty to try to cure the patient. When you see that the end is coming in a matter of a few minutes, at that time you can say, like a first-class seeker, "God, it is up to You. I am placing the patient at Your Feet. I know the result."

Right now you have no idea what God's Will is. It is like a top secret. One day a patient is feeling better, and the next day he may feel worse. Yes, you will surrender to God's Will; but if you pray to God to cure the patient, God will only be happy, because you do not know what God's Will is. If you knew God's Will from the beginning, then you could say, "God, I am fulfilling Your Will." But right to the very end you do not know what God's Will is. Spiritual Masters perhaps know.

Since God is keeping His Will hidden from you, you do not have to think about it. You will say, "I do not need to know Your Will now, at this point. I will only do my very best to cure my patients." Let us say that you do know God's Will, and God says, "It is just a minor ailment. Do not worry about it — the patient will be all right." Then you will start relaxing. And if you know that God's Will is not to save the patient's life, then you will start worrying. In one case you are worrying, and in the other case you are relaxing. Why then do you have to think of God's Will at this stage? Always take the illness very seriously to the end.

When you are treating a patient, try to cure the mind along with the body. The mind is a more serious problem than the body. You may be giving the perfect medicine and doing everything correctly, but the mind is not accepting the treatment. There should be some way to deal with the mind, because the mind and the body go together. The mind is the problem-maker everywhere in life. If you get a simple headache, the mind may try to convince you that you have a migraine, or a very serious problem in your brain.

Very rarely the mind encourages us. Again, it may say, "Oh, this illness is nothing; it will go away." Then the problem becomes very serious. On our part, we shall have to take every illness seriously — but not a minor stomach pain or headache.