Question: Guru, yesterday I went out of the hotel early to see the sunrise. After a few minutes I saw you riding in your car, and I was so excited, because I thought, "This is the sun for my soul." Then the outer sun came up, so that was the sun for my body. Could you please say something about the sun?6

Sri Chinmoy: I was also very thrilled to see you! The outer sun is for your body. The inner sun is for your soul and heart, and I am your inner sun. This is a very nice experience.

Ordinary people have only one sun. Spiritual people, if they are very advanced, may have two or three inner suns. Sri Ramakrishna’s dearest disciple, Swami Vivekananda, had eighteen inner suns. There was another spiritual Master at that time. Sri Ramakrishna was very fond of him, and he was also very fond of Sri Ramakrishna. That Master had only one sun, although he had so many disciples. God knows how many inner suns I have.

Each individual has an inner sun, and one sun is enough. If you can see that sun and bask in the light of that inner sun, you will have many, many high experiences.

Every morning for the last four or five days we were blessed to see the sun while driving, and I was very, very happy. Today, alas, there was no sun. Usually we drive for half an hour, but today I said, “Let us go for an hour to see if the sun will bless us.” There was no sign of the beautiful, beautiful sun today.

The sun that I used to see in Pondicherry was mild, sweet and very, very compassionate. Here I am seeing the same sun, but it has a different aspect. It is all power, power, power! It is the same sun, but here it is all power. The aspect of the sun that we used to see in Pondicherry gave me much, much more joy, but we do receive blessings from this one.

I have had quite a few significant experiences with the sun. The most striking one was in Kamakura, at the foot of the statue of the Lord Buddha. We enjoyed spiritual games, the Lord Buddha and I, with the sun.

22. Sri Chinmoy answered this question in Istanbul on 27 November 2006.