Question: Guru, is there a connection between disciples who have the same soul's name? Or is it just that their souls have the same type of quality?8

Sri Chinmoy: A soul’s connection may be there, but on the vital or mental plane they may clash, because the soul’s connection has not been manifested on the physical, vital or mental plane. If it manifests, then they will become very good friends. The soul’s connection is good, but there may be no connection on the physical, vital, mental or psychic plane.

How many soul’s connections we have had among the disciples! There have been so many spiritual sisters, so many spiritual brothers, but in this incarnation it happened in many cases that they could not establish their friendship. The soul’s connection has to be manifested in other parts of the being.

25. Sri Chinmoy answered this question in Belek, Turkey, on 2 December 2006.