The beauty and sunshine of new dreams22

There is a disciple whom I so rarely see these days. He does not take his place near the front of the room. I do not see him and I do not feel his presence here. This is not good. He is only thinking of his shattered dreams. I am begging him to change his attitude towards his spiritual life.

Our man-made dreams are different from God-made Dreams. To all of you I wish to say, try to live in God-made Dreams, not in your man-made dreams. Man-made dreams will give us only repeated blows, blows, blows — blows from the inner world, blows from the outer world. Outwardly it may seem that our God-made Dreams also give us blows, but they are not actually blows; they are only perfecting our nature. These so-called blows are showing us that there are many more ways to please God in His own Way. If one dream is shattered, two dreams are shattered, no harm. God will give us many more dreams. Let us not think of the dreams that are shattered, but of the dreams that are blossoming or want to blossom inside our heart. Let us pay all attention to them.

We shall have to bask in the beauty and sunshine of the new dreams. If the old dreams are not fulfilled, we shall just discard them and forget about them. New, new dreams, new dreams! We must bask in the sunshine of the new dreams.

41. 3 January 2006, Kuantan, Malaysia