Question: Guru, at one stage I was having a lot of physical and mental problems, and you very kindly said that to fix them you were going to contact my soul and ask what the problem was. I had always assumed that, if there were any problems, the soul would always let you know, or warn you or at least inform you.

Sri Chinmoy: You have ailments in the vital being, in the physical being, in the mental being. You are like a little child. The mother is observing everything that you are suffering from, physically, vitally and mentally. You are unable to express it, but the mother is all the time watching you, watching you, watching you. The soul will be able to tell me absolutely correctly how many things are wrong in your mind, in your vital and your body. The soul will give me the message. In your case, the soul was purifying something — purifying is the right word — in your mind. This purification of the mind the soul will tell me about, and the soul will know how much it has succeeded. When you were telling me all your problems in New York, I kept my inner eye on your problems. You thought these problems were very serious, but when I kept my inner eye open, I saw that they were not serious at all. The soul told me not to worry, because it would take the responsibility.

Sometimes the souls are very kind. When the body's health suffers, the soul tells me not to worry; it will take care of the patient. This has happened millions of times, not hundreds or thousands of times. The soul does have infinitely more capacity than the physical. If the soul says not to worry when somebody is suffering, I know that nobody can take better care of the patient than the soul, which is like the mother. If the soul tells me not to worry, then why do I have to worry? I know the love of the soul for the patient — for the body, let us say — is unimaginable. The body is the house and soul is the owner. Will the owner allow the house to break down? Your soul promised to me that it would take full care of you. Otherwise I would have said, "Go to this doctor or that doctor." When the soul promises, I do not have to worry at all.