Loving World Tributes to the President

A perfect stranger to bitterness is President Nelson Mandela. Life is a forward journey and not a backward journey. We look forward and throw ourselves into the heart of Infinity's newness and fulness. The unparalleled magnanimity of Mandela's soul the Queen of England saw, felt and expressed most eloquently and convincingly:
"That most gracious of men has shown us all how to accept the facts of the past without bitterness, how to see new opportunities as more important than old disputes and how to look forward with courage and optimism."

Truth can be discovered; truth can he revealed; truth can be manifested. President Mitterand Of France saw in President Mandela the Olympian hero whose indomitable will was the radical transformer of South Africa's fate:

"Mr. Mandela shows those who believed that they were masters that they were slaves of their prejudice."

The human spirit knows no defeat. The human spirit is a ceaselessly triumphant journey.

This spirit is accompanied by three most powerful assistants: freedom, democracy and hope. President Clinton of The United States most powerfully and most irrevocably presents President Nelson Mandela to the world stage for the world to appreciate, admire and adore:

"Now, all over the world, there are three words which, spoken together, express the triumph of freedom, democracy and hope for the future. They are 'President Nelson Mandela'. In you, sir, we see proof that the human spirit can never be crushed."

"We have in Mr. Nelson Mandela a magnificent example to follow.
— President Fidel Castro of Cuba"

Follow we must President Mandela for the betterment of the four corners of the globe, not only because he was the new pathfinder, but also because he is the path-inspirer and path-server.

"It is impossible, in human terms, to know Graca, and not to love her. That's been the experience of many of us. We thank her for it.
— Stephen Lewis Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF 17 September 1998"

May I be allowed to add:

It is impossible, in human terms, to know Graca and not to be uplifted, inspired and illumined by her.

Every world citizen will proudly cry ditto to Stevie Wonder, the American music legend:

"I am blessed to be alive in the time of Nelson Mandela."