Question: Guru, at this time, what pleases the soul of America the most?

Sri Chinmoy: Not only at this time, but always what pleases the soul of America most is self-giving, constant self-giving. The soul of America will be extremely pleased if America remains always self-giving and not self-imposing. A self-giving attitude America should always have. Whenever America's principles are being challenged, or thwarted or threatened, America will go to every part of the world to defend them, because America's principles are based upon truth, the inner truth-principle. But there is a vast difference between America's principles and America's ideas. Many ideas America has, but some of these may not be illumining, divine or progressive ideas. So America will go to any part of the world to defend her principles, but not to impose her ideas on other nations.

If I go imposing what I feel is best, that is a mistake. But if I am ready always to give what I have and what I am, even if what I give may not be of any value to anybody, still this is dedicated service. I am giving you what I have with good will, but if you don't feel like using it, then just throw it away. But if I say, "This is the best thing and you have to take it for your own good, you fool," then everybody will tell me to mind my own business. The world will say, "I don't need your advice. What I feel is best for me — either I will get it from within, or if I feel that you have it, I will get it from you."

If the mother strikes the child and says, "It is for your own good I am telling you this; you have to do it," then the child revolts. The child has to see for himself that the mother has a particular quality and that this quality is something which he needs. Then immediately the child will come running to the mother to get the thing from her.

Truth has to be spoken, but truth has to come from a very, very deep source, and not just from the mind or from the vital. One should not try to impose one's mental thoughts or vital thoughts or physical thoughts on others. Only one should dedicate one's psychic thoughts, inner thoughts, heart's thoughts to others, so they can get something really progressive, illumining and fulfilling.