Question: Is there a particular location where America's soul is more frequently found — in America's heart, for example? In humans, the soul is in our heart centre. Is there a heart centre for America?

Sri Chinmoy: You will say it is in Massachusetts and somebody will say it is in Connecticut. In India, in a particular village, the inhabitants have put a mark and said, "This is the heart of India." But just saying that a particular spot is the heart of a country does not mean that place is the heart of the country.

Inside the human being there is a heart; inside the heart is the soul. The consciousness of the soul, the light of the soul permeates the whole body, but most of the time the soul is inside the heart. So like that, definitely there will be a place in America from which the light emanates. It need not be the centre of America in terms of geography. Even in the physical body the heart is not in the centre. But definitely there will be a place where the soul's light can be felt or from where the soul's light can be manifested. And it need not be all the time at the same place. We have to know that since there are fifty states, the soul can easily move around from one state to another. If there is one particular state with a very divine consciousness, then the soul may feel that this is the proper place to stay. If the soul wants peace, peaceful rest, then naturally the soul will go to the state that is quite peaceful. And if it goes to another place where people are quarrelling and fighting, the soul will not like it. It is a very complicated matter. Again, it may happen that some states are leading a very innocent, simple life and not quarrelling or fighting, and the soul of America may feel, "Oh, these are already divine children. They are already inside me. They are not going to do anything wrong. If a tug-of-war takes place, they will pull on my side. They won't go to my enemies and pull me towards that side, no. I don't have to spend my time here any more. Let me go to the states that are quarrelling and fighting let me bring some light. Let me bring my light to the fore there."

So there cannot be any hard and fast rule about where the soul remains. But America's soul, this much I can say, is very dynamic. It does not stay for a long time in any one particular state. It moves around. It is like the mother who has many children. When the children get married and move to different places, the mother moves around visiting them — today here, tomorrow there, the day after tomorrow somewhere else. Everywhere she has her own dear ones, and she gets joy in moving from one place to another visiting them.