Notes from the editors

OB 1: Sri Chinmoy composed and dictated this poem to a disciple, N, on 24 May 1998. Later he remarked the poem represents his life. He expressed the wish for all his students to learn it by heart.

The poem was read out at a function and disciples were invited to enter a contest to illustrate the poem. That contest was held at P.S. 86 in Queens, New York the following week-end.

OB 1,4: The Bengali words Ananda fuara could be translated as “fountain of delight”.

OB 1,8: Madal went to Pondicherry in 1944, to become a permanent resident of Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram.

OB 2: On 20 June 1998 — the day before Father’s Day — after a recording of the author reciting the poem was played, Sri Chinmoy offered this commentary at P.S. 117 in Queens, New York.